Sharing Life Stories of People Facing Mobility Challenges

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Carson, CA – Think life ends when someone needs the help of a walker? Think people in wheelchairs are old with nothing interesting to say? Think people using canes don’t care about style? Well, think again.
NOVA, a manufacturer of stylish, functional and, yes, sexy, mobility equipment knows that behind every user of a walker, wheelchair or cane, there’s an amazing – and continuing – life journey. The company created an opportunity for their customers to share their stories, inspire others and win $6000 and a mobility makeover with NOVA CEO, Sue Chen.
“The Zoom, Groove and Cruise Celebration was 100% inspired by real customers and real stories” says Chen. “We have clients that use their fire-engine red walkers to meet for a late night tryst at the hot tub or to traipse around Paris. Our clients are interesting, vibrant and very much alive! We wanted to create a forum to share their amazing life journeys – which we know are still going on – and help them along on their next adventure.”
Participants sign up at www.zoomgroovecruise.com by July 31st, 2011, upload a picture or video along with the story of how they zoom, groove and cruise with their NOVA product, and then get their friends, family and community to vote. The person with the most votes wins $5000 and a mobility makeover, along with $1000 for the loved one, aid or salesperson that helped them share their story. The stories are about anything and everything – life, love, adventure, goals, dreams, helping others, doing the improbable and changing the world. NOVA’s goal is to highlight that people using mobility aids have much to contribute.
“We want this to be a true celebration and an opportunity for everyone to see what we see – a world in which those facing mobility challenges are people with full, exciting lives, like 94 year-old former professional dancer Anne, who still takes dance class with the help of her red walker or my friend Denise who doesn’t let ALS stop her from going to Antarctica to photograph the penguins,” says Chen. “I am personally inspired by them and I want others to be, too. And I want the world to start viewing our customers with the respect and dignity that they deserve.”
NOVA specializes in brightly colored and patterned walkers, canes and wheelchairs along with all the accessories needed to lead an active life. By designing equipment that is both stylish and functional, NOVA is changing the way people face mobility challenges every day. Chen also provides customers and retailers with “Mobility Makeover Solutions” finding the right products to fit her clients’ lifestyles, maximizing mobility, function and style. Chen believes that providing well designed and visually appealing products will encourage people to use the mobility aids they need. NOVA products include red and purple walkers, floral and animal print bags and seat covers, plaid transport chairs, colorfully patterned canes, and more.
NOVA is a leading innovator and manufacturer of Mobility, Bathroom Safety, and Independent Living products including designer canes, rolling walkers, transport chairs, wheelchairs, and mobility accessories. Since 1993, NOVA has grown organically with a strong foundation and fundamental values of service, quality and integrity. NOVA’s goal and mission is to provide and service superior quality products with great function and fashion for people to live a healthy, independent, and beautiful lifestyle. Our commitment to caring and providing exceptional service is represented by our extraordinary staff, excellent warranty and product service program, consumer and dealer education, product innovation, and charitable contributions locally, nationally and internationally.  Although our customers may have physical challenges, beyond their physical being is a heart with tremendous strength, a mind full of wisdom, and a spirit that is determined.  We are dedicated to unleashing the potential of our customers. www.novamedicalproducts.com

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Social Security News

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News Release


 George Takei and Patty Duke Join Forces to Tell Americans to  Boldly Go  to www.socialsecurity.gov


Using Social Security’s Online Services Are So Easy “Even Kirk Could Do It”

Cyberspace: the final frontier.  These are the voyages of George Takei and Patty Duke.  Their mission: to seek

out baby boomers and people of all ages and tell them to Boldly Go to www.socialsecurity.gov


Entertainment icons George Takei and Patty Duke have teamed up to tell Americans to Boldly Go to www.socialsecurity.gov to apply for retirement, disability, Medicare, and so much more.  The two celebrities are joining forces in a new campaign to help the Social Security Administration promote its online services as an easy and secure way for people to do business with the agency.

“Social Security has a great website and the top-rated online services in the U.S.,” said Michael J. Astrue, Commissioner of Social Security.  “We now have a fun new way to get the word out.  Having George join forces with Patty will help us reach the millions of people who can take advantage of this convenient way of doing business with Social Security.  Boldly Go to www.socialsecurity.gov to plan for your retirement and to apply online so that you too may live long and prosper.”

“Won’t filing for Social Security benefits online be confusing?” George asks Patty in one of eight new commercials.  “It’s simple and easy,” Patty assures George.  “It’s so easy, even Kirk could do it.”

Those ready to retire, apply for disability benefits, or delay retirement and apply only for Medicare, can do so from the comfort of their home or from any computer.  Two million people took advantage of Social Security’s convenient online benefit applications last year.  People already receiving Social Security benefits can go online to let Social Security know about a change of address or phone number, start or change direct deposit, get a proof of income letter, or replace a lost Medicare card.

Social Security’s website “is for everyone,” Patty tells George in another spot.  Workers can get an online estimate of their future retirement benefits and use Social Security’s planners to plan for a secure retirement.  In addition, Patty says, “Young people can help their grandparents with retiring online or getting extra help with their Medicare prescription drug costs.”  To which George concludes, “Everyone, of all ages, should go to www.socialsecurity.gov.”

Social Security’s online services not only provide a convenient option for the public, they are a lifeline for the agency in a time of fast growing workloads as baby boomers begin retiring in record numbers and millions more need Social Security’s services due to the economic downturn.

To learn more about Social Security’s online services and to view the new George Takei and Patty Duke public service announcements, Boldly Go to www.socialsecurity.gov.  Like George, you may find yourself saying, “Oh my!”



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WHO WE ARE: Mountain User Group aka M.U.G. is a local club of outdoor enthusiasts. MUG was founded to: (1) Enable Members to meet others of similar interests in order to participate in the outdoors together and (2) Inform, instruct, and inspire members of our community to be safer, more thoughtful, and more accomplished users of the outdoors. Our MUG Website, member site and semi-monthly evening programs work together to achieve these goals. All ages, skill level and human powered activities are encouraged!  Including, but not limited to: hiking, ice climbing, rock climbing, skiing, snowshoeing, snowboarding, ice skating, skijoring, orienteering, backpacking, trail running, mountain biking, road biking, fishing, photography, kayaking, rafting, canoeing, mushrooming, caving, birding, archeology, painting, and other activities in the outdoors. Disabled persons in our community can find new ways to enjoy the outdoors, and MUG will work to serve disabled individuals to get outside with supportive friends. Bi-Monthly (education & social programs) are the 1st Tuesday & the 3rd Wednesday of each month. Please visit our site at http://www.mountainusergroup.com/
Date/Time: Wednesday, April 20th/ 7-9PM
Location: 24 S Uncompahgre on Centennial Plaza, Montrose City Hall Annex
Contact: dhumphrey@mountainusergroup.com or Kari Hepner at duke5861@gmail.com or 970-270-0285 (please leave message & I will return after 1 PM)
Program: WHITEWATER KAYAKING in Western Colorado presented by Tom Chamberlain
Presented by Tom Chamberlain
Fun & Safety will be presented in
an evening slide show & discussion
Wed, April 20 – 7-9 PM
24 S Uncompahge on Centennial Plaza
Montrose City Hall Annex
FREE program for all ages!
Brought to you by MUG/Mountain Users Group

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Upper Arkansas Area Agency on Aging

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PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT The Upper Arkansas Area Agency on Aging, serving Fremont, Chaffee, Custer and Lake Counties, is offering seniors, nutrition counseling. The Nutrition Counseling Session(s) will be conducted by Sally Ayotte, Registered Dietician, on an appointment only basis. For more information please contract the Upper Arkansas Area Agency on Aging 139 East 3rd Street, Salida CO 81201 719-539-3341

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Forgetmenot Care Home Open House

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 Secure Assisted Living Facility Grand Opening Celebration and Tour

Florence, CO — Forgetmenot Care Home Secure Assisted Living Facility is holding an open house to celebrate their grand opening and welcome interested families to tour the beautiful, newly remodeled facility. The open house will be held Thursday, December 16th from 4 to 6 pm.

Forgetmenot Care Home is located just outside of Florence near High Meadows.  The address is 9 Doris Drive, Williamsburg.  The mission of Forgetmenot Care Home, owned by husband and wife team Grant Schemmel and Susan Gebhart, is to serve the needs of memory impaired individuals in a comfortable, friendly home.  They provide a secure home for individuals that need assistance with daily living activities due to a memory problem or confusion.  

Schemmel and Gebhart are pleased to be able to offer this unique service to the community.  “My husband and I have wanted to find an interest we were passionate about which we could combine with a business we could operate together. We feel this is the business we would like to make successful for ourselves and for people who need a home to care for them,” said Gebhart.

Residents experience sensational views of the mountains and the plains from our beautiful hilltop facility. We are blessed with the best views in the area!  Residents may enjoy outdoor walking paths that surround the home.  Enjoy the views from indoors in the conversation and activity areas.  We encourage residents to be active and engaged in our many daily activities. Research shows that seniors living in a supportive and socially active environment enjoy better mental and physical health. 

Forgetmenot Care Home Secure Assisted Living is a positive experience for families and loved ones struggling with diseases of the mind such as Alzheimer’s or dementia.   Forgetmenot Care Home understands the difficult decision to move a loved one to an assisted living residence, and the knowledge that your loved one is receiving the nurturing care and supervision they need makes all the difference. 

Forgetmenot Care Home Provides:

Delicious home cooked meals planned by a Registered Dietitian to conform to the Food Guide Pyramid

Medication assistance

Help with bathing, cleaning, laundry, etc.

Licensed and Inspected by the State of Colorado

Large inviting rooms

Focused on providing personalized care

Secure home with 24 hour attentive supervision

Medicaid or private pay options available—for assistance with Medicaid contact the Fremont County Dept. of Social Services at 719-275-2318

For more information, call:

Susan Gebhart

Cell: 719-429-1432

Phone: 719-372-0749

Fax: 719-784-1395





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Xxx by Chuck Green – yes, that Chuck Green

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It’s certainly a sign of advancing age when you find yourself resurrecting fond memories of “the good old days” – especially when they didn’t seem so special at the time. And there’s no better time to recall tender memories than at Christmastime. As the decades pass, there is no better gauge of time marching by than the change in kids’ gifts under the Christmas tree. In the case of my lifetime, the change can be summed up with one word: technology. By modern-day standards, there was no technology under my tree when I was a child. The two favorite gifts I received in my single-digit days remain my lifelong favorites – and both had a changing effect on my life. One was a puppy. My father delivered mail on a rural route from our home town, Longmont, and his Christmas wasn’t complete until he had gone down to the Post Office that morning, after our family had opened the presents. He couldn’t stand knowing that on Christmas Day the boxes that had arrived overnight were sitting undelivered in the Post Office building, so he retrieved them and made an unscheduled trip around his route. I must have been about 5 at the time, and on this particular Christmas morning he returned with great fanfare, honking the horn as he pulled into our driveway. Someone on his route had given him a puppy, a farm mutt that became my best friend for the next 13 years. Her companionship was probably the most important relationship I had as a child, teaching me loyalty, compassion, responsibility and a whole lot of other values that I’ve carried through life. When I left home and went to college, I wanted to take her with me, but her severe arthritis and other ailments prevented that, and my parents cared for her during her final year. The other favorite gift came in a gray metal box, about 15 inches high and eight inches deep – a Gilbert’s Chemistry Set. Inside this little treasure chest was a world of discovery. It was stocked with test tubes, a beaker and a flask, several vials of chemicals, a guidebook, a microscope and some laboratory slides. It was definitely low-tech. A specimen in the microscope was illuminated by a candle, and chemicals were heated by the flame of a Bunsen burner. Like the puppy, the chemistry set opened a whole new world to me, a fascination with science that carried through the rest of my school years and has entertained me ever since. Neither the puppy nor the chemistry set came with an electric cord. I can’t help but compare those gifts, and the long-term impact they’ve had on my life, with the popular gifts that kids are opening this morning – cell-phone cameras and I-Pod music players and compact MP-3 video players. The cell-phone craze is fascinating to me. It seems that everyone from 7 to 70 has one. They come as standard equipment with teenagers, absolute necessities with moms, vital work tools for men and lifelines for grandmas. I’m mostly amazed at the ability of a person in La Junta, Colorado, to use a little hand-held device to instantaneously connect with someone in Africa with the touch of a few buttons – no wires attached on either end, using a satellite in global orbit to bounce the signal. It boggles my tiny mind. But I’m also intrigued by the absolutely frivolous use of this technology – a mother in a discount store calling her teenage daughter to find out what aisle she’s on, for example. The amount of money in a family budget to support this convenience is probably equal to what my parents’ mortgage was when I was a kid. The I-Pod and the MP-3 things – neither of which I actually have touched – is way, way beyond me. — Chuck Green, veteran Colorado journalist and former editor-in-chief of The Denver Post, syndicates a statewide column and is at chuckgreencolo@msn.com and 303-588-4138.

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Alzheimer’s Symposium Nov. 18th – Be There!

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Symposium and Fundraiser Open House
Thursday, November 18th
Rawlings Library – 4th Floor
100 E. Abriendo Ave.
11:30 am – 6:00 pm
“Free Admission”
Featuring – Guest speakers every hour: Topics of discussion:
            12:00 pm: Caregiving  & Hospice Care – Karen Akin, SRDA
             1: 00 pm: Legal Concerns – Carol Martin, Attorney at Law
             2:00 pm: Financial – Dan Gonzales, US Bank
             3:00 pm: Diabetes on the Mind – Linda Hawkins, Parkview
             4:00 pm: Talking with Your Doctor – Lynne Evetts, Nurse Practitioner
             5:00 pm: Maria Shriver Report – Linda Bloom, Alzheimer’s Assoc.
 New Faces of Alzheimer’s Disease, a PBS Special, featuring Mary Ann Becklenberg, who was diagnosed in her 60’s will be shown every ½ hour.
Shopping (most items $6.00) get an early start on your holiday gifts.  All proceeds benefit the Alzheimer’s Association.
For questions please contact:                                                          
Alzheimer’s Association                                                                    Co Sponsored by:
4104 Outlook Blvd, Bldg. B                                                              Rawlings Library
Pueblo, CO 81008

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OVER 100 Pueblo Men Wear Ladies Shoes

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The YWCA of Pueblo presents the 2nd Annual “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes” October 1, 2010 at the Historic Arkansas Riverwalk Gazebo on Victoria Street in downtown Pueblo. We are asking our community, especially the men to stand up and say domestic violence is unacceptable behavior.

This event is a fun walk for a serious cause! Participants are asked to don a pair of lady’s shoes or colorful flip flops (provided) and take a walk in a show of unity for the victims of domestic violence. Walkers are encouraged but not required to wear colorful shoes.  Your participation is what’s important .The fun lunchtime event starts with check-in at 11:00 a.m. and festivities begin at 11:30.  Lunch will be provided for walkers. Pre-registration is encouraged.

Participants last year included City Councilman, Ray Aguilera; County Commissioner, Anthony Nunez; Brandi Moore, Executive Director of the YWCA; a large contingent of male employees from Pueblo Community Health Center and CSU students.

City Councilman Ray Aguilera spoke to the crowd of 100. He addressed the challenges Pueblo faces regarding, poverty, teen pregnancy and domestic violence. He emphasized the importance of quality education for our children to help us meet the challenges in our community. He praised the YWCA for their outstanding efforts in fighting domestic violence.

The number of reported domestic violence cases in Pueblo, Colorado is 50% higher per capita than the national average.

The crime of domestic violence has been proclaimed as a violation against an individual’s dignity, security, and humanity.   Domestic Violence can take the form of physical, emotional, sexual, psychological, or economic abuse. WALK A MILE IN HER SHOES is a fun walk for a serious cause to allow men to stand up and say I won’t accept domestic violence in my town.  Anyone can be a victim, your mother, daughter, coworker or friend.

Sponsored by KIQN Country/KWRP Oldies Radio. and the Pueblo New Car Franchise-Pueblo Automobile Dealers

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Men’s Conference Oct. 1 & 2

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This year’s proceeds will be allocated to the community in Pueblo in a similar event held  last September through Convoy of Hope.  Perhaps you remember hearing about it?  When Convoy of Hope (www.convoyofhope.com) came to Pueblo over 5,000 of the poor within the city were served and provided with bags of free groceries, clothing, family portraits, meals and medical and community services, all in one day, at Midtown Shopping Center.


Pueblo MMC (Pueblo Men’s Ministry Coalition) is the men’s division under G.E.A.R. Global, that is sponsoring the conference.  Pueblo MMC was created to unite faith based men’s ministries and other related organizations for the purpose of encouragement, education, and in support and  growth of these ministries city wide.  Pueblo MMC is dedicated to mentoring, discipleship, to building men of integrity and developing honest leaders, faithful husbands and devoted fathers.  Recently several men from various churches joined together and realized they all felt compelled to do something about the state of our city.  They feel the answer is to bring the men of this city together – to go beyond denominational, geographical, financial and any other lines of separation and to do great things within our homes, businesses and community.  Their desire is to encourage and come along side men from all walks of life and give back to their community in return.

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Attorney General, AARP ElderWatch unveil campaign

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Colorado Department of Law
Attorney General John W. Suthers


June 1, 2010 

Mike Saccone, Communications Director

Attorney General, AARP ElderWatch unveil campaign
aimed at combating fraudulent charity mailings

DENVER — Colorado Attorney General John Suthers announced today that his office and AARP ElderWatch have partnered with nearly two-dozen local nonprofits, senior centers and law enforcement agencies to raise awareness across Colorado of fraudulent charity mailings.

“Every day Colorado consumers and seniors receive mailings from fraudulent charities and charitable solicitors. Not only do these mailings take money away from legitimate charities, but they also result in thousands of dollars of good-faith charitable contributions lining the pockets of scammers,” Suthers said. “By partnering with community organizations and law enforcement agencies from across the state, we will raise awareness of the dangers of fraudulent charity mailings and prevent future victims from sending checks to bad actors.”

“Mailings from fraudulent charities and other scam artists hit Colorado seniors the hardest,” AARP ElderWatch Director Amy Nofziger said. “Once a senior cuts one check, they often will find themselves deluged with mailings from other fraudulent organizations once the word gets out that they are vulnerable. Through this campaign, we are hoping to take a step toward breaking that cycle.”

The campaign will collect mail across the state between June 1 and June 25. The Office of the Attorney General and AARP ElderWatch are partnering with the Colorado Secretary of State’s Office, the U.S. Postal Service and a series of community partners from across Colorado to collect fraudulent mailings. The mailings the Office of the Attorney General and AARP ElderWatch collect will be examined for potential fraud or violations of Colorado charitable solicitations Act. The mails and other submission will be destroyed following the end of the campaign.

“Awareness is one of the most powerful tools consumers can harness to protect themselves from fraud,” Suthers said. “Colorado has one of the best-educated and most fraud-savvy populations in the country. This effort will only build on the strong fraud-awareness foundation we and our partners have laid.”

The following locations will accept fraudulent mail from consumers:


The Post Office/The Kit Carson Sheriff’s Office

135 E. 1st Ave.



The Adams County Sheriff’s Office

332 N. 19th Ave.


The Post Office/The Kit Carson Sheriff’s Office

259 14th St.


Canon City

The Golden Age Center

728 Main St.

Colorado Springs

The Colorado Springs Senior Center

1514 North Hancock Ave.

The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office

101 W. Costilla St.



The Mesa County Library – Clifton

59032 Road, #6F

Commerce City

The Adams County Sheriff’s Office

4201 E. 72nd Ave.



AARP ElderWatch

303 E. 17th Ave., Suite 210

The Colorado Attorney General’s Office

1525 Sherman St., 7th floor

Windsor Gardens – community center

597 S. Clinton St.

Windsor Gardens – administrative offices

595 S. Clinton St.


The Post Office/The Kit Carson Sheriff’s Office

315 Main St.


The Weld County Sheriff’s Office

4209 Weld County Road 24 1/2



The Florence Community Center

100 Railroad

Fort Collins

The Larimer County Sheriff’s Office

2501 Midpoint Drive

Oakbrook 1

3200 Stanford Road 

Oakbrook 11

3300 Stanford Road

The Sanctuary

3732 Kunz Court

Fort Lupton

The Weld County Sheriff’s Office

2950 9th St.

Fort Morgan

The Fort Morgan Police Department

901 E. Beaver Ave.

The Fort Morgan Public Library

414 Main St.

Morgan Federal Bank

321 Ensign St.


The Frederick Police Department

401 Locust St.



The Mesa County Library – Fruita

325 E. Aspen Ave.

Grand Junction

The Mesa County Library – Central Branch

530 Grand Ave.

The Mesa County Library – Orchard Mesa

230 Lynwood St.



The Weld County Sheriff’s Office

1950 O St.


Wilbur Rogers Center
12100 W. Alameda Parkway

The Clements Community Center
1580 Yarrow St.

Willow Glen Senior Residences
1585 Kipling St.

Residences at Creekside
1700 Pierce St.


The Leadville Senior Center

419 West 6th St.


The Longmont Senior Center

910 Longs Peak Ave.

Pagosa Springs

The Silver Foxes Senior Center

451 Hot Springs Blvd.


The Mesa County Library – Palisade

711 Iowa St.


The Penrose Senior Center

405 Broadway


The AARP Information Center

1117 S. Prairie Ave.

The Senior Resource Development Center

230 N. Union Ave.


The Salida Senior Center

305 F St.


The Post Office/The Kit Carson Sheriff’s Office

113 Colorado Ave.

Silver Cliff

The Silver Cliff Municipal Building

Main Street and Colorado Highway 96


The Post Office/The Kit Carson Sheriff’s Office

313 Colorado Ave.


The South Central Council of Governments

300 S. Bonaventure Ave.


The Post Office/The Kit Carson Sheriff’s Office

1263 1st Ave.


The Walsenburg Community Center

928 Russell Ave.


The Leeper Senior Center

3800 Wilson Ave.



The Wray Senior Community Center

741 W. 7th St.

The Wray Police Department

326 W. 4th St.


The Yuma Police Department

216 E. 3rd Ave.

Coloradans who do not have a drop site in their community can send their fraudulent mail to:

The Colorado Attorney General’s Office

Attn: Mail Fraud Sweep

1525 Sherman St., Room 731

Denver, CO 80203

Suthers encouraged seniors to check out the charities or charitable solicitors sending them mail via www.checkthecharity.com, a site Suthers partnered with the Colorado Secretary of State’s Office, the Colorado Nonprofit Association and Season to Share launched last year.

For more information on the campaign or mail fraud, visit www.coloradoattorneygeneral.gov/mailsweep.

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