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A small example of leftist misery and devastation

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December 10, 2009

By Dennis Campbell

If you would like to see first-hand the misery and devastation wrought by leftist economic and social policies, the policies embraced by President Obama and his cohort of Marxists, economic illiterates, tax cheats, terrorists, felons and assorted sexual deviants, you need look no further than my state, New Mexico.

New Mexico is geographically large, nearly the size of Germany, with a small population and abundant natural resources. San Juan County, in the northwest portion of the state, contains some of the largest reserves of natural gas in America.

Natural gas is an efficient, clean and economical energy source, so, of course, the Left hates it. Using natural gas to heat our homes makes too much sense for your average Leftist. That means that in our state, left-leaning politicians, egged on by environmentalist buffoons, are doing everything they can to stop its production.

Led by our Idiot-in-Charge, Gov. Bill Richardson, the aforementioned, working-guy-hating politicians and econuts have virtually destroyed an industry that historically has provided the bulk of revenue for New Mexico. This in spite of a $650 million budget shortfall.

Now, to economic giants such as California and Texas, $650 may sound insignificant, but it is not to a state that ranks 44th in median household income.

But things that make simple sense to ordinary people — such as preserving an industry that contributes as much as 40% of the state’s tax revenues — are beyond the intellectual grasp of the Left. How else can you explain rules and regulations governing extractive industries such as gas, oil and coal, created by Richardson’s regulatory agencies, that have forced the major energy producers out of New Mexico?

What the boneheads on the Left cannot understand, or, more likely, do not care about, is that the international producers who have been providing abundant, well-paying jobs here do not have to stay here — and they haven’t. They can just as easily drill in Wyoming or Brazil or Australia.

In little San Juan County, population about 120,000, these companies have provided jobs that ranged in pay from $12 per hour for an 18-year-old trainee to $24 or more for journeymen roughnecks, roustabouts and equipment operators. And in good times, which just recently ended, thanks to Bill Richardson, they worked as many hours as they wanted — 60, 80 or more hours per week.

The math is simple: An equipment operator making $18 per hour and working 80 hours per week (the norm and not the exception — the more hours the better) makes a gross income of close to $8,000 per month.

Out here, that’s a bunch.

Now, those 80-hour workweeks have been reduced to 40 hours for those lucky enough to still have a job. As entire divisions of oil and gas service companies have closed down, many of these incredibly hard-working men and women have accepted positions elsewhere — Wyoming, Colorado, even Arkansas and Pennsylvania.

Others are simply out of work, relying on unemployment benefits or the incomes of spouses, facing bankruptcy or near poverty.

The attitude of the big producers is well-illustrated by international giant Conoco-Phillips. The company had pledged $10,000 for a community event, and then pulled its sponsorship. When asked why, Conoco-Phillips was quite candid: Why should we support New Mexico when New Mexico will not support us?

The company simply shut down most of its rigs and moved the rest elsewhere, instantly pulling $150 million worth of business out of the local economy. Other companies have done the same.

Now, state Leftists are targeting coal-fired generating plants. It seems that soon we not only will have no money, but no electricity, either.

This is the local result of policies that Democrats in Congress would foist on the nation. Fortunately, and it is small consolation, we may be rid of Gov. Richardson soon, as he reportedly is in line for another Washington job. He had been eyed by the Obama administration before news of a financial firm gaining a lucrative state contract after making a $1 million-plus donation to Richardson’s election campaign.

Imagine that. Obama turning someone down just because he was corrupt. Not to worry. The administration is said to have assured the man we in New Mexico call King Richardson that this scandal will not be a factor in him getting a cushy Washington job.

In light of the devastating impact on New Mexico’s economy and quality of life the tyrannical, lunatic policies of the Left have had, a question arises: How long before the same thing happens to America?

© Dennis Campbell

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