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You Can’t Turn An Aircraft Carrier On A Dime

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You all know how huge an aircraft carrier is, right? Think a floating city! So you get the picture. Now pretend you’re on that carrier and you’re in the middle of the ocean going due south and the seas are choppy. The captain gives the order to turn the vessel around so as to be going due north because he thinks the waters will be much calmer and he can control the ship easier.
It would take that aircraft carrier quite a long time to come about 180 degrees to get to that due north heading. Wouldn’t you say that what I’ve said is reasonable?
So, our captain is BHO and he has decided to turn the aircraft carrier that is America said 180 degrees by getting up enough speed (car-style), slamming on the brakes, manuever the steering wheel and come about in the direction from which it came. That’s okay for a car but to do that with an aircraft carrier would cause considerable damage in the short run and that damage can’t be undone anytime soon even if it was possible to do it at all.
BHO doesn’t care about the damage done. His course of action for America is ill-advised. His wild spending on everything government is a prescription for disaster. To wit: He and his congress are throwing money that we don’t have at GM for instance. Some $30 billion (I think) has been given to them and they still look like they are headed for bankruptcy. So, you see, throwing money at a problem for the sake of throwing money at the problem doesn’t work. It never has worked. From the earliest Great Society and War on Poverty pledges until now, the Left has thrown money at the problem. Has it made it any better since the mid 1960s? Are America’s inner cities any better for all that money? Is there more opportunity in these urban centers? Any sober look at those questions would have to be answered negatively.
It is my contention that the BHO admin. wants total chaos so everyone needs to come to him and his government for their “daily bread!” Be ever mindful, dear reader. These policies come from eggheads who read books and believe their own blather. How many of you have ever worked in the real world when a fresh-faced kid comes out of school with wonderful credentials and revolutionary ideas and they get tested in the real world? What was the result?
This country isn’t some policy-wonk’s playground. We are real people who must live in the real world and the last thing we need is a president who will “fix” everything and an admin. and mainstream media bowing to his every desire. We are teetering on the brink everyone. BHO is just a man who is trying to turn our ship around on a dime. It is unthinkable and will only end in disaster.

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