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Oh But He Is Dangerous, Clare

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It is with much curiosity that I read your words.  So, you would silence my freedom of speech on the pretense that I’m a spoiled sport? There are a few things to follow which make BHO a dangerous President and it has nothing to do with who won, especially since those comments were made before BHO was elected. I don’t care for McCain either. Read on:

The card check-off is a major piece of the BHO platform. What it amounts to is that a union official (read thug) gets to go to a non-unionized shop and try to unionize the workers. He could be a supervisor, a foreman, anyone in authority or even a “very persuasive” co-worker. When it comes time to vote, these same guys and even some of his “friends” get to stand in the room and watch how you vote; “persuading” the rank and file through intimidation of thought, word and deed. The way I read it, there is absolutely no privacy in your vote and absolutely no secret ballot. It is ironic that the man (BHO) who represents the oppressed of this country (read black folk) would take away a worker’s secret ballot. 
    Have you followed the Fairness Doctrine? Many in the party in power including BHO like this piece of legislation. The Fairness Doctrine states that radio must be fair. So, if Citizen A gets on the air and talks about the greatness that is the Arts Center, disgruntled Citizen B has the right to have a contrarian position regarding same for the same length of time. This doesn’t carry over to any other media. Leftists like Chuckie Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Jeff Bingamon and it would seem you, would love to shut down talk radio and dissent of any kind.  Candidate BHO has stated that he could be for such a doctrine, if worded right. 
   BHO also wants to empower a civilian force to “help” people at a local level in the form of community advocates, etc. (he also believes that they should be funded as well as our own military).
   So let’s see. Loss of a secret ballot, no place for dissent, universal health care run by the bureaucracy which is a stated goal and now a civilian “army” all touted by BHO’s admin., seems dangerous to me. Combine all that with the Left media which is in the tank for the BHO admin. in essence ceding control to the BHO admin., perhaps you can see a troubling pattern forming yourself.

Read your history past and even present day happenings: This is a page from Hugo Chavez (takeover of the media, etc), Fidel Castro (government takes over everything in Cuba), Mussolini (brown shirts), Hitler (citizen’s apparatus), et al. This is mind-boggling.
    Another piece of the puzzle is that BHO has already stated he would lift the ban on the American taxpayer to pay for American abortions overseas (military, diplomatic, etc). He also is for the American taxpayer to pay for anyone’s abortion on demand! I can’t think of another word but dangerous for this kind of legislation. Can you?

Alexander Tyler (big time prof at the Univ. of Edinburgh), who in 1787, spoke to the fall of the Athenian Republic and all democracies over the course of the preceding 2,000 years. He was a student of history. He found that democracies followed a pattern and it took about 200 years or so to complete the cycle. To wit:
1. from bondage to spiritual faith; 2. from spiritual faith to great courage; 3. from courage to liberty; 4. from liberty to abundance; 5. from abundance to complacency; 6. from complacency to apathy; 7. from apathy to dependence; 8. from dependence back into bondage.
     I think we are at step seven and given what BHO has stated he is for, we are fast approaching the final step. BHO and the Left’s headlong race toward step 7 and calling it collectivism or progressivism or The Third Clinton Admin, it says to me “Loss of freedom.”  Where do you think we are?

Hope this was enlightening or perhaps you would care to rebut, at your leisure, of course!

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Are We Headed Here Nationwide?

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From News of the Weird in the December edition of Senior Beacon which will be out the weekend after Thanksgiving.

— London’s Daily Mail profiled two 10-children British families in October to illustrate the inconsistencies of government benefit awards. Sean and Anne Tate and their children live on Sean’s truck-driver salary of the equivalent of about $23,000 a year, plus the government’s standard per-child benefit. Harry Crompton has been out of work for 15 years, and his wife, Tracey, has never held a paid job, yet they receive the equivalent of $48,000 in various government benefits, which The Daily Mail said would require a tax-paying family to earn the equivalent of $68,000 a year to draw. The Daily Mail reporter also noted that the Tate home is immaculate and the Cromptons’ home, messy.

— Two of Oregon’s unique public health markers clashed dramatically for resident Barbara Wagner this summer when she was informed that the universal medical care available to everyone in the state (but with certain service restrictions) would not pay for her expensive lung cancer drug (because her five-year survival likelihood was poor), but was told, at the same time, that the state would pay for any necessary drugs under its Death With Dignity Law (i.e., suicide).

     When I called BHO (Barack Hussein Obama) dangerous, these are the types of things I was talking about happening. The government running things is tyranny and costs us freedoms we take for granted. Beware and Be Vigilant

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Caesar Is Dead…. Hail The New Caesar!

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Congrats to our new Prez Barack Hussein Obama….. I hope that he reigns in a way that is best for the country and not for the person or the party…. I am very skeptical that will happen after watching the machinations of the Democrat congress the last several years… they did a great job killing needed legislation and causing total gridlock to further their cause…. that’s how they play the political game and always have…

The hard thing to understand is that they now have been rewarded for their intransigence. Here’s hoping the Obama Administration tacks more to the center than his record would indicate. If not, America will become a place that many of us will not be able to recognize what with a possible passing of the Fairness Doctrine (killing talk radio), Carbon Cap & Trade (which will give the government unprecedented control over all industry under the guise of a bogus global warming scare) and the Employment Check Off Card (that will do away with the secret ballot for workers)…. and so very much more that I consider dnagerous to America. In the meantime, I’m open-minded enough to see how it plays out!

Hail the new Caesar!!!

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