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T. Boone Pickens Tilting Windmills

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I know, I know

You have all heard about how Denmark uses windmills on its western half of the country for energy. Well, my friends, Denmark has halted production of any more windmills for energy because it is unreliable and expensive.

But ask Boone yourself. The big uproar over whether to drill in ANWR in Alaska is the “scar” that will be left in the pristine wilderness. While this has been outed as a hoax which to this day many people on the Left refuse to acquiesce, they are perfectly happy to “scar” the Great Plains and most of the mountain states with miles upon miles of windmills. It will take hundreds of thousands of square miles to place enough windmills on-line to support a new electricity grid which is better suited to handling electricity from windmills than the grid we currently are using.

When asked if Boone would inundate his some 600 acre property in Texas with windmills he was reported as saying, “Never do it. Those things are ugly.” The only reason Boone wants to foist this upon the American public is that there is big money to be made in investing in wind power. Why? Because states like Colorado have mandated that certain percentages of their energy must come from wind, solar, etc. and that the government will subsidize such mandates. If put on the open market these alternate energy sources would never be able to compete.

Finally, since most of the energy use takes place on both coasts, doesn’t it make sense that the logistics of getting windmill energy to them would be costly. Boone knows though, that if the government is going to subsidize such nonsense, he’s going to cash in. It’s that simple.

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