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No More

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No More should any of us ever trust any environmental leaders. Al Gore, tells us how wasteful we are and how we need to save the planet and embrace alternative energy yet each time his electrical usage at his mansion in Tennessee is audited it shows he uses huge amounts of electricity… more than four times the average person’s home…. I read one report that stated his usage in a year would¬† take care of 400 average people’s homes for a year in Tennessee… besides what credibility does this guy have? He’s no scientist… he has a theory and everyone believes him?¬† Fooey! He tells us that he is carbon neutral (whatever nonsense that is) because he buys carbon offsets in a company where he is one of the board members. This excuses him? Fooey! He’s still using the energy and doing nothing, nothing to replenish it… nothing! He thinks we’re fools and we’re letting him get away with it…..

National Review in their August 1, 2001 edition had a wonderful piece by Jonah Goldberg about ANWR in Alaska…. the area where we want to drill is godforsaken…. it is not pristine…. it is so mosquito-infested at times during the year that caribou actually choke to death because the air is so fouled with them… for much of the year it is in complete darkness and the enviro leaders have been duping us all for years with what they have to know is a BIG LIE!!! I know the reason why…… MONEY….. they get money from the government…. they get money from donations for suckers like us… they live the good life like Al Gore and leave us with the bill for their LIES!!! If they don’t have a cause, they don’t get paid so they make things up….. well, ladies and gents, you should be mad as hell and you should contact the Salazar brothers and tell them so because as it costs more to heat and cool your home and feed yourselves you will need to “hunker-down” even more because your discretionary money will be non-existent…. you’ll eat out less, you’ll stop going to town or for drives in the mountains probably stopping for ice cream or some such, you’ll not have money for this gadget or that and pretty soon unemployment rises… 401(k)s lose their value, Social Security loses receipts because less people are employed and all because of pimps like Al Gore and his ilk that treat us like prostitutes so they can live the good life…. No More! This isn’t ideology….. this is doing what’s right for the country and not what’s right for the few. No More. We need to wake up and stop being patsies…. What do you think?

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Welcome to Senior Beacon’s Weblog!

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Welcome to Senior Beacon’s Weblog! Every month, a new topic will be posted over issues ranging from current events to senior health care, from politics to senior interests. Feel free to add comments, questions, and responses whenever you like.

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